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Art Of Making 70 to 80% On Your NFL & College Bets. ESBC Podcast Network 70 to 80 Winning Percentage For The Last 12 Years on NFL bets posted before and can be referenced after Sportsbusiness Sportsfinance We Use Business & Financial Concepts To Monetize Inefficiencies In The Sports Betting Market Sports true crime

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  1. 70% ESBC WeeklyNFL NBA College Basketball-Football MLB Betting -Financial Podcast

    Bottom line 75-45=62% (52.5% is breakeven) $25,300.00 (Betting $1000.00 per game) Josh Vizcay MBA – Financial Services “Makes Money As Financial Services Professional -Tax Mitigation Syracuse +14 vs. ClemsonClemson has struggled so far this season to put points on the board. 14 points is a lot for a team to cover who ...


  2. NFL Week 6-70% Picks ESBC Against The Spread -2021

    All picks are 100% every game ; every over/underHardest working NFL Sportsbetting PodcastWe want people to learn business finance and to increase happiness watching football games, collaborate& laugh with the betting public & anyone else Bet Like A Pro . And Grow To Be A ProYou learn more from the bets ...


  3. NFL Week -5 Hawthorne Effect NFL Betting MasterClass 2021

    Bottomline : 21-15=58% (23 Weeks Straight Profit) (103-64=62%) (52.5% is Breakeven) We are the Bloomberg, CNBC And Fox Business of #sportsbetting #nflbetting #collegefootballbetting and #collegebasketballbettingChad Nolan @cnolan3 is an accomplished College Football and Arena League Football player who has worked with big time NFL and current ...


  4. College Football Week 6- 70% Picks ESBC Against The Spread -2021

    Bottomline: 62-33=65% *= $29,000 profit looking for the same this ...


  5. NFL Week - 4 Hawthorne Effect NFL Betting MasterClass 2021

    This Episode We go over the “Bets we got wrong” 21-11=65% Wk 5*(52.5% is break even) “Ground Hog Day” 60-38=62% (Year To Date) =$19,000.00 ish profit You learn more from the bets you got wrong than the bets you got right Link To Hawthorne Effect “Most expensive advice is bad advice” Process is1)Research2) Use ...