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Art Of Making 70 to 80% On Your NFL & College Bets. ESBC Podcast Network 70 to 80 Winning Percentage For The Last 12 Years on NFL bets posted before and can be referenced after Sportsbusiness Sportsfinance We Use Business & Financial Concepts To Monetize Inefficiencies In The Sports Betting Market Sports true crime
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  1. Apuestas De El Supre Bowl Domingo 02/07/21 Con Tony Mejia MejiaDinero

    Tony Mejia MejiaDinero NBA Columnist@GamingTodayNews@TheGoldSheetEx: VI 09-20, Nat’l NBA columnist CBSSports 04-08, PBN 08-13 IG@mejiadineroOrlando, FL ...


  2. 70% Against The Spread College Basketball 52.% Is Break Even

    We give you winners and why ? In this episode we give you good information to monetize College Basketball in February 2021 as we prepare for #marchmadness2021 Link To “Top Ten Rules Of Betting” ...


  3. 70% ESBC Weekly Throughbred Racing "Call To Post" True Crime Part 3

    In this True Crime Stories series we share the wisdom, experiences and lessons we have learned from the smart people around us and in business. Also we tell the story of American True Crime within the Horse Racking Industry, local municipal and county governments perennially in the United States 70% NFL Picks ...


  4. 70% ESBC Weekly NFL Wrap Up MasterClass In Sportsbetting Hawthorne Effect Championship Sunday

    Track your YTD (547 ROI) Learning from mistakes the “Hawthorne Effect” what ever you track and measure you improve 10 to 20%Also track your perception. Along the lines of of the movies 500 days of summer, “He is just not that into you”, ...


  5. 70% NFL Free Picks ESBC Weekly ATS Everygame Follow The $ Playoffs 2021(19wks consecutive of profit)

    85% Profit #Pac12 Basketball  12-10=54% Profit #NFL Playoffs  Follow The Money Playoffs 2021(18weeks consecutive of profit)#ESBC Podcast finish #NFLWeek16 236-159=60%#ats 16 consecutive weeks Profit). (Breakeven is 52.5%)100% Transparency here is link toLive spread sheet linkhere…/edit?usp=sharingBusiness owners have to be ...