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Art Of Making 70 to 80% On Your NFL & College Bets. ESBC Podcast Network 70 to 80 Winning Percentage For The Last 12 Years on NFL bets posted before and can be referenced after Sportsbusiness Sportsfinance We Use Business & Financial Concepts To Monetize Inefficiencies In The Sports Betting Market Sports true crime
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  1. 70% ESBC Follow The $ Motivation John D. Hansen - Winners Win

    Part 1 of what is winning :you decide. What is failure ? What is losing giving up John D. Hanson Army Veteran Wealthy Entrepreneur Consultant | Speaker | Trainer | Author at Accelerated Revenue Inc. Powell, Ohio, United States…esstoheroicsuccess Josh  Vizcay MBA – Financial Services “Makes ...


  2. 70% ESBC Weekly Thoroughbred Racing True Crime Call (Profiling Mobster Veterinarians)

    Horse racing syndicates and crime operations can not go on without county board members. We bring an honest one to educate on the whole process In this Episode we explain who these mobster veterinarians and veterinarians board members that are getting horses killed as a high rate being spiked so Owners ...


  3. Motivation Monday -John Hansen Real Definition Of Customer Service So You Make Free Cash Flow

    John D. Hanson ...


  4. Criminal Lake Forest California Mayor Scott Voigts Theft From The City Of Lake Forest Revealed

    Criminal Lake Forest  Mayor Scott Voigts crimes are exposed in detail  Crime Reference for Podcast Episodes   Evidence is defined as information and events that can be proven. How do you prove them ? With evidence. What is legitimate evidence ?  1) Video evidence with corroboration of the information  2) Contemporaneous documentation with corroboration  3) ...


  5. ESBC 70% Golf (The Open Betting Briefing (Formerly The British Open) 11 Million Purse

    Want to watch the last day of a Golf event with a chance to make a big pay day and have fun watchingMichael Prestonise MA.  Abner MBA Financial Representative & US Local Political historian  makes you are always up ; with Picks at a high percentage ...